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Foot Darts CNY specializes in Foot Darts Rentals and Sales.  Foot darts, also known as soccer or kick darts, is the newest sporting craze gaining national attention.  It’s literally a giant bulls-eye target made of velcro where players kick a velcro covered ball to collect points. It's darts you can play with your feet.

What is Foot Darts?

Foot Darts is an indoor or outdoor game featuring an inflatable dartboard that has sticky material to hold the balls. It utilizes velcro type soccer balls, which allows the balls to stick when kicked. Just like hand darts, the inflatable dartboard has all the markings of a professional dartboard, allowing the game to be realistic, as well as follow all the rules and scorekeeping of a typical dart game.

Since you need to kick the ball towards the dartboard, you need some soccer skills to score. For instance, flip shots and close range angle shots are useful, if you are to make the required targets. Once you kick the ball, the score depends on the nearest line number that the ball falls on. The fact that both the ball and the dartboard allow fast sticking promotes the accuracy of the balls. Just like in the other dart game, one needs to practice due to the distance and targeting aspects, especially given that the ball is lighter in weight than the normal soccer ball.

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